Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lesson #2: View Angles--due July 5th

Get a new perspective!
  • Typically we view the world head-on, in a straight forward direction. But to add interest to your photos, explore different angles.
  • Get down onto the ground and angle your camera up and towards your subject.
  • Get up on a chair or table and shoot from above.
Examples: Other Resources: This next lesson is also about how to better compose your images. While not appropriate for all subjects, viewing your subject from a new angle asks to to expand your perspective--and might make for a very intriguing photo. Experiment with this composition technique, and post a few of your favorite photos on the Shutter School Flickr group by July 5.

Be sure to let us know that you're playing along by leaving a comment answering this question:
If you could view the world from someone else's perspective, whose would you choose and why?


JJB said...

I'm playing!
If I could view the world from another perspective, I think I would choose that of a poor immigrant trying to scrape by in this country--I think it would give me a lot of new insight on political and economic issues that I am currently unsure about.

Linda said...

I'm playing along! The perspective I would choose would be that of a young child again---so full of joy and non-judgmental.

JJB said...

found another great link to inspire us to experiment with view angles:

Joanna said...

Just found this site and have had a great time editing some old photos using the rule of thirds. Regarding perspective, I think I'd choose my dog's eye view. I'll try to take some images from Geordie's perspective in the next few days.