Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shutter School Flickr Site

I've been practicing the "Rule of Thirds" a lot lately. It really helped to begin with that lesson, because instantly some of my pictures look better. That's definitely motivation to learn more! Now that I know about the rule, it seems like I'm looking at everything I see in a new way. "How would that look over to the side a bit?" or "Wow, that road divides everything in thirds just perfectly". Am I the only one doing that??? Possibly. But, go on over to our Flickr site and check out some of the photos that have been uploaded dealing with the Rule of Thirds. And if you've taken a few shots, be sure to add them. Here's a photo I recently took while trying out the "Rule". Next time I would try to put that top "grass line" a bit closer to the top and Emmi a little bit further to the left, but at least it's more interesting than having her "dead center". Anyone else have suggestions for improving it? You can add your comments for each photo on the Shutter School Flickr Site.

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Sherrie said...

I catch myself doing the same thing, trying to use the thirds rule. It's really hard to do, I always want to shoot everything dead center.