Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lesson #5: Macro Mode--due August 23

Getting in close
  • Macro mode is used for capturing up close details of often small subjects.
  • Most cameras use a flower symbol to represent Macro mode. Sometimes it is also represented by the letters "MF," which stands for "macro focus."
  • Macro mode tells your camera to focus on a subject closer to your lens than the usual focal range, and will tell your camera to choose a large aperture (allow a lot of light in) so that your subject is in focus but the background is not.
  • In Macro mode, you have very shallow depth of field, so focus on the part of the subject that's most important to you.
  • A tripod comes in very handy when using Macro mode. If you don't have a tripod, you should practice holding your camera very still.
  • In Macro mode use the digital zoom function to get closer to the subject.
  • When you move close you should use the camera's LCD instead of the optical finder because the LCD shows you roughly what the lens is seeing and what will be recorded on the CCD. If you use the optical finder your subject will be off center because the viewfinder is, unless you have one of the newer digital cameras with an electronic viewfinder that shows the actual image that will be recorded.
From Jerry*69.

From Omar Eduardo.

From Licht~~~~.

Let us know that you're playing along. In the comments, tell us what your favorite flower is. Remember, photos are due to the Flickr group by August 23!


JJB said...

I was such a bad student for the last assignment--I'm hoping to do better this time.
My favorite flower is a hydrangea--preferably blue or white.

Linda said...

My favorite flower is a Pansy. I love how they look like little faces--especially if I'm able to master the macro mode!