Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lesson #4: Leading Lines--due August 2

Following the Leader
  • Use leading lines to draw the viewer's eye through the photograph.
  • Lines can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or even curved.
  • Use leading lines to draw the viewer's attention to the focal point.

From hubertk.

This is our last composition lesson for awhile. For this week's lesson, take a few shots using lines to lead our eyes to the center of attention. Lines can be actual objects, such as a fence, or could even be shadows on the ground. Post your favorite photos on our Flickr site.

Let us know that you're playing along. In the comments, tell us about a road that you are looking forward to traveling down.


JJB said...

I'm looking forward to our trip down I-75 to spend this weekend in Florida near the beach. It will be my last chance to rest and relax (hopefully I'll actually be able to!) before the craziness of my first year of teaching begins.

Linda said...

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to be heading down I-49 to Baton Rouge for a scrapbooking retreat!! Fun!! Hoping to get a few pics while there.

Linda said...

I need to get out and get some pictures!! Today's the day.